Good morning world! We are back at it! 

Mornings are my favorite and have always been my favorite.  My best hours of the day for thinking clearly, creating, planning, working out, and all the things, happen in the a.m. I am a 100% certified morning person!



I can't wait to see what the day brings!  I love when this feeling of hope is in me in when I wake up, it energizes me and makes me so happy.  We are starting plans to really get back to business and are enjoying the "waking up" of our country and preparations for our return to the new normal.

We are hosting our semi-annual clearance sale outside under a tent this week!  Our studio is too small to social distance while shopping and those of you that have been here for the sale know it gets crazy and crowded!  


The tent company just arrived and I have been cleaning out and preparing for the clearance for a long time of quarantine!  We are ready to be back at it!

 Y'all....I'm so hopeful!  

The stores and restaurants that have opened (under the guidelines provided) are doing so well and feeling the love of our community and the joy of being able to do business again!  It makes my heart sing to hear my sweet clients with hope in their voices too.

We are planning for markets starting in June and can't wait to see all our friends and clients again soon! We miss y'all so much!

I Pray that all of you are full of HOPE today and for any of you that are in the area, I'll see you at a distance under the tent on Wednesday (rain or shine)!

love and hugs, Sherri