Jewelry Jam Party - Youth

$60 + per guest

6-10 guests

2 Hour long party

Ages 10 and over (Parent must stay for age 13 and younger)

Our Jewelry Jam Party offers the most coveted party experience.  Guests will have an amazing time learning real jewelry making techniques. Our unique and beautiful projects will delight all guests from ages 10 through teens.  Guest will craft their own designs assisted by professional jewelry makers. This party offers higher level techniques and three finished pieces.  Perfect for your crafty birthday girl!

Party Includes:

  • 2 Hour party of beading and designing fun
  • 2 hours of Professional Instruction
  • 3 finished pieces
  • Gift Bags for finished jewelry
  • Custom Digital Invitation
  • Food and Drinks, including cake, are welcome
  • Party Decorations permitted
  • Open gifts if time allows

Please contact us to book your party!