A Community That Inspires

The community that surrounds me includes so many talented and gifted people.  I have been looking for a way to showcase these talents and am so excited to introduce a new feature on our retail website. 
We have created a section that shines the spotlight on other artisans, makers and business owners.  We will be introducing these people to you along with their beautiful creations!  
Meet our first featured artist:
Katie Quinn Jewelry  
Katie is one of my daughters sweet friends and when I saw the gorgeous earrings she was making, I just knew this was my inspiration to get this part of my website up and running!  I'm so excited to introduce you to her and showcase her unique and fun earrings!  

From Katie:

Throughout my life my interests have evolved, but one thing has remained constant - creativity.  The pride of making something with my own two hands is an unparalleled satisfaction.  After many sleepless nights of dreaming, manifesting and planning, I decided to finally bring Katie Quinn Jewelry to life.

My handmade clay earrings showcase qualities that I value in everyday life: authenticity, originality, and confidence.  I work with clay because it encompasses these traits.  It's a material that proudly displays it's uneven edges and imperfections.  It isn't defined to one shape; it can be molded and adapted, imprinted on and carved into.  It's flaws become its intricacies.

Katie Quinn Jewelry is synonymous with quality, and I ensure a continuous variety of fantastic pieces that won't break the bank. 
We are so excited to be able to offer Katie's earrings on our website!  We do have a limited supply so be sure and get yours right away!