"Shop Local" Project Update

We Shall Overcome

When I was growing up, my Mom, two sisters and I would sing hymns and songs around our piano in 4 part harmony.  It was a favorite pastime and my voice on it's own was never as good as when I was singing with them.  I am so thankful that my sisters took their piano lessons seriously and could always accompany our quartet!  (I was a naughty "no practicer piano lesson girl", lol!) I had dreams of us taking the show on the road someday but those were some lofty dreams!

*the quartet with their biggest fan*

I start with this story because my theme this week is to OVERCOME.  Overcome the sadness, overcome the stress, overcome the worry among lots of other things.
Our "Shop Local" Project has been a great way for me to OVERCOME all of this!  It has been a light in a dark time and every time I get an order for one of the shirts, my heart does a happy dance!
(since I'm in the studio alone now, sometimes I do an actual happy dance!)
Last Friday, thanks to your support, I was able to write 5 grant checks to small businesses that have applied for our Project!  
The recipients are:
Smokejack Barbecue - https://www.smokejackbbq.com
Aria Salon Spa - http://ariasalons.net
Savory Gourmet Market - https://www.savorygourmet.net
Capriotti's Sandwich Shop - https://www.capriottis.com
I prayed for them and pray for the others that have applied as we navigate this crazy time.   This is a small project in a big world but it's full of hope and helping us at InspireDesigns to OVERCOME. Thanks to all of you who have purchased a shirt and participated in our project!

- We shall overcome...

   - We shall walk hand in hand...

      - We are not afraid...

         - We shall live in peace...

             - oh deep in my heart, I do believe, We shall overcome someday....

(a version of the song that touched my heart)


love and hugs, Sherri